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New Policy on Counting GE Courses Toward the REL Major

The School of Religion would like to announce that we have changed the requirements for our undergraduate program.  Students who start school in the fall of 2012 may count up to one lower-division religion course toward the minor and up to two lower-division religion courses toward the major in the religion program.  


Students who have not declared a major:

Students who want to use lower division religion classes towards a religion major will have to change their catalogue year to fall 2012. They can go to the Degree Progress Department and fill out a form to do so.  HOWEVER, they will have to fulfill all the university requirements for fall 2012.


Students who want to double major or sign up for a minor in religion:

If a student is already enrolled in another major, in the fall of 2012 they may sign up for religion as a double major and count two religion lower division classes.  Students who enroll in a religion minor in fall of 2012 may count one religion GE class.   


HOWEVER, adding either the major or minor post in the Fall of 2012 does not automatically advance the requirements to the new catalogue. Students must request their catalogue year be updated.  If advancing the catalogue year to the new requirements has no effect on another major or minor, they can update the catalogue year through Degree Progress.  Students may mix catalogue requirements if they have two majors.  However, requests to mix catalogue years must be done through Degree Progress.


Students who start school after fall 2012 and decide to major or minor in religion after they have already taken all their General Education course requirements:

After the fall of 2012, students who have completed all their General Education requirements without taking any religion lower division courses may still add a religion major or minor.  The religion department will waive the lower division course requirement and allow an upper division course substitution on a case-by-case basis.  Please see the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Lori Meeks) or the Dornsife advisor for religion (Roberto Leni) for more information.