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Monday Nov. 11th: Are Sports a Religion?


Homecoming at USC. Nearly 100,000 Trojan faithful return to their sacred home, gathering together in ritual and ceremony. From far and wide they come to celebrate shared devotion to something immortal, mystical and greater than themselves. In this largest annual gathering they honor the Trojan Family, a community rich in cultural history and social identity, ripe with exalted heroes, mythology, idolatry and legend. All of this is centered around a football game.

Is this religion?

With interest in sports at an all-time high, and affiliation with formal religious institutions at an all-time low, can our engagement in sports provide the social, cultural, and personal meaning derived from traditional religion? How does the experience transform the lives of athletes? Is it transcendent? How does media define or distort this narrative? 

Join us Homecoming week for an engaging, thoughtful discussion led by USC Dean of Religious Life Varun Soni, featuring award-winning journalist and filmmaker Gotham Chopra, USC Annenberg professor and sports media expert Daniel Durbin, and former NFL star and ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley.

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