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News from the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies

Fr. James Heft, S.M., Alton Brooks professor of religion, will be one of the featured speakers of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies’ spring lecture series.

On Jan. 28, Fr. Heft will speak on the subject of the controversies, criticisms and accolades engendered by Pope Francis’ public remarks and official papal statements, as well as the potential consequences for the 21st century Catholic Church and the world at large in a lecture entitled “The Francis Effect/Affect.” The event is open to the public and will held at the Caruso Catholic Center, 844 West Thirty Second Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, from 6:00-7:30 PM.

On Feb. 17, the IACS presents The Muslim-Catholic Connection: Faith, Fear, and the Future of America. Despite being founded on the principles of religious freedom, America hasn’t always been a hospitable environment for all communities of faith. The intolerance and suspicion experienced by many Catholics in the 19th and early 20th century has parallels in the experience of American Muslims today. Can interfaith dialogue and service build meaningful bridges between communities and enliven one’s faith? Join Rhodes scholar, award-winning author and interfaith leader Eboo Patel and Fr. James Heft to discuss faith, intolerance, and interfaith leadership. Join us for a 6:00 PM reception followed by the 6:30 PM presentation at the Caruso Catholic Center =, 844 West Thirty Second Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

For more information on either event, email or call 213 740 1864.